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Alternative Dispute Resolution

In today’s legal environment, arbitration and mediation often supplement traditional litigation in courts as preferred mechanisms for the resolution of disputes confronting our business clients. While arbitration and mediation are sometimes encompassed within the concept of Alternative Dispute Resolution, there are many instances where contractual or other legal requirements make these processes the only means by which claims can be formally asserted and resolved. In other instances, however, clients have the option of choosing how to most effectively press and economically resolve disputes that have arisen.

Managing and resolving disputes outside of, or as a supplement to, traditional court litigation is an important part of our practice at TAA. We have successfully handled numerous individual cases, participate in key organizations which structure and administer the dispute resolution processes, serve as neutrals and party-appointed arbitrators and create dispute resolution programs for the more efficient management of routine conflicts that are inevitable in any large organization.

Arbitration and mediation typically bring disputes to resolution without appeals or other prolonged judicial proceedings. There are occasions, however, where judicial challenges are imposed to address issues relating to the scope and enforceability of the dispute resolution process. In addition, there are other cases where collateral or appellate litigation inevitably occurs, whether justified or not. We are also well equipped to handle these related judicial proceedings, and have been lead counsel in some of the most well-known Supreme Court and Appellate cases in this area.

Regardless of how or where disputes initially arise, our commitment is to resolve them efficiently and economically, in partnership with our clients. TAA lawyers recognize that effective advocacy comes in many forms, and that clients are best served when they can select the most appropriate means of resolving their dispute from an array of available options.

Reflecting the diversity of the firm’s client base, we have handled significant commercial arbitration cases in a wide spectrum of industries and business situations.