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International Arbitration

Through our relationships with barristers at the pre-eminent arbitration sets, our professional contacts with the arbitrators of the moment, we are able to source the best mix of knowledge and expertise for any particular dispute, whatever the governing law or seat of arbitration.

We can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration for your particular deal, on the drafting of the arbitration clause, the merits of the various institutional rules and whether to use them. And after a successful award we can move swiftly to enforcement.

We invest in getting to know your business so that we can advise on whether arbitration is suitable for your needs. If arbitration is right for your particular circumstances, we will advise on use of the rules of the various arbitration institutions, or whether to conduct the arbitration on an ad hoc basis.

We can also help you by drafting bespoke arbitration clauses tailored for commercial agreements and your business needs. We always consider what will work best for the business of our clients in its commercial context. We look at the bigger picture and think about maximising clients chances of ultimate recovery from the outset. An arbitration award is of little value unless it can be effectively enforced. A carefully drafted straightforward clause will assist the parties in avoiding conflict on peripheral issues once a dispute has arisen.

In addition, we will ensure that any arbitration clause delivers on the following principles:

  • Clarity as to how any dispute will be resolved and information related to the type of disputes which will be subject to the arbitration procedure; costs; place and language of the arbitration; remedies, application of arbitration procedure to any related agreements.
  • Confidentiality – the arbitration clause we draft for you will ensure your business affairs remain private.
  • Suitability – both in appointing the Tribunal and the Choice of Rules, we will ensure that the mechanism for appointing the tribunal works and that you have control over who is appointed and the qualifications and experience possessed. As well as advising on the best arbitral institution to handle any dispute in the first place, we will ensure that the agreement is clear on which rules apply.

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